The Way We Work

At RE/MAX SSPL you enjoy the independence of being in business for yourself without the hassle of keeping shared equipment running, handling staff payroll, getting the office bills paid, dealing with business ownership tax issues and meeting other regulations that are among the day-to-day responsibilities of the Franchise Owners.

At RE/MAX SSPL we firmly believe that the best Estate Agencies are build around the agent not management. That is why we and our Franchise Owners are committed to provide our Sales Associates with the best in technology, marketing and education combined with the flexibility to run their own business.

We provide the Estate Agency industry’s top talent with the industry’s best business model – but we also provide a good work/life balance. It’s integral to how we operate.

Open new doors for yourself! Come and see what RE/MAX SSPL has to offer.

Your Role

In the RE/MAX system, Sales Associates retain up to 80% of the commission income they generate while sharing office space and contributing to monthly expenses. In turn, the office provides the full support of a staffed estate agency environment for the Sales Associates and their clients.

Since associates are self-employed and in business for themselves you will be responsible to market yourself and to develop and create your own customer base. Your daily activities will focus on: Developing a client bank to gain new instructions from vendors and buyers.

  • Developing a client bank to gain new instructions from vendors and buyers.
  • Marketing your services to potential sellers to demonstrate your commitment to your clients - as well as delivering ongoing support for your vendors.
  • Defining and executing your marketing plans for each property - making sure that the property is available to other RE/MAX outlets to reach more potential buyers.
  • Ensuring consistent and ongoing information sharing with your buyers and sellers.
  • Qualifying leads from interested parties, ensuring that the right financial resources are available and providing support to find the appropriate financing solution.

Sales Associate Training

Sales Associates will start by attending the RE/MAX Career Development Model which covers all aspects of the estate agency business the RE/MAX way. Specific topics include building a foundation for Real Estate business, working with vendors, working with buyers and high level consumer service, as well as legislation and sales progressions. The course also includes an exam on the RE/MAX Code of Ethics and estate agency legislation which all associates are required to pass. Courses are run on a regular basis in venues across India.

Further advice and support on a number of different subjects ranging from recruiting to administration, e-marketing and referrals is available to all offices via The RE/MAX University which offer Training-On-Demand via Mainstreet ( – RE/MAX Propriety intranet system, Traditional classroom sessions at the our state of the art offices or video sessions/trainings via GoToWebinar which beams Online sessions each month to all RE/MAX SSPL Affiliates and New Joinees.


The Agents-Training Program (TAP) The Aim of this Remax Real Estate Agent-Training Program is to provide a strong and useful platform for agents to learn theoretically and practically the ways and means to be successful in the real estate industry. Programs Offered:
  • Broker Associate Management Training
  • Follow-up Agent Training
  • Continuing Agent Training
  • Enhancing Agent Training
  • Progressive Agent Training
  • Life-long Agent Training

What We Look For

We always look for quality people who are serious about excelling in the Real Estate Business in India. At RE/MAX SSPL, your success is limited only by your ability, determination, and hard work – not by restrictions one finds in conventional corporate environments.

Whether you are an existing Real Estate Agent or are new to the profession, you must be a good communicator with a proven track record in sales alongwith the drive and determination to succeed. You must have the ability to work on your own initiatives and to support yourself for a few months before you start generating your commission income.

Having experience in the Real Estate Agency industry is an advantage but it is not essential. After a careful selection process, you will attend our training wherein you will learn practical and efficient techniques that will allow you to quickly immerse yourself in the Real Estate sector the RE/MAX way.

From there, with a will to work and some persistence the results will quickly start to come your way.