Greece Golden Visa Program is a type of residence visa with added benefits, offered by several European countries including Greece. Greece is the country with the lowest investment amount (250,000€).

It is an investment scheme that ensures visa-free travel in the Schengen zone to non-European investors and their families. The property that will be bought is also a great source of income, since Greece’s economy now is getting better and better.
The type of property is not limited to a house/ apartment. It can be a shop, a restaurant, a hotel or generally any business of any kind worth 250,000€ or more.

The Golden Visa Program in Greece is exceptionally competitive as it features friendly terms, minimizing both the amount of the capital required. It is an investor visa and it can be renewed indefinitely as long as the main applicant keeps the investment, while there is no requirement to stay in Greece whatsoever.

There is always one main applicant that will make the investment. His/ her parents and in laws, his/her wife/husband or spouse (with a co-habitation agreement concluded in Greece) as well as his/her children will benefit as well, because they too will be able to issue a permanent European residence permit.
Obtaining a Greece Golden Visa with our assistance will be an easy process, since our team of experts is very experienced.

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Bali is an island that grew its development on the back of tourism. Over two decades ago, Bali was an unknown element in the league of top tourism destinations. Gone are days when Bali was associated with rice plantation. Today, Bali is home to some the most talked about luxurious villas in the world. The influx of travelers to Bali has seen a remarkable growth. 

It is a leading tourist destination. The place is what it is today thanks to tourism. 80% of its economy comes from tourism-related activities. In March 2017, TripAdvisor named Bali as the world’s top destination in its traveler’s choice award. With travelers constantly en route, Investment In Bali will surely come good for any investor.

RE/MAX SSPL offers best in class investment option with Citadines Berawa Beach Bali, a development by Genesis Indojaya, is multi-award winning serviced residence and hotel located in the prime up-and-coming tourist hub in Bali known as Canggu. It is perfectly located – a minute’s walk to the beautiful Berawa Beach; in the middle of a plethora of food, beverage and shopping options; and in the heart of the culture-rich hipster scene of Bali. Nature, culture, nourishment and entertainment. All of these are offered perfectly at Citadines Berawa Beach Bali, a development by Genesis Indojaya. The property holds 226 rooms, comprising Studio Suites, One-Bedroom Apartments, Two-Bedroom Apartments and an iconic Presidential Villa. It is professionally managed by The Ascott Limited, using the Citadines brand. 

The Ascott Limited, a member of CapitaLand Group, is one of the world’s largest serviced residence operators. Citadines is a world-renowned brand with its roots in Europe, and it now boasts numerous hospitality properties across Europe, Australia and Asia.

  • Investments starting from US$ 1500000
  • Guaranteed returns of 8% per annum for 3 years
  • High appreciation
  • Up to 30 nights free stay yearly
  • Operated by The Ascott Ltd. under Citadines brand

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Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, known as the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite, it is at the centre point between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Its geographic location gives it the advantage of being able to fly to many worldwide destinations directly and indirectly.

Cyprus is also part of the Commonwealth, the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the IMF, the UN, the Council of Europe and the World Bank. It is represented through diplomatic missions in over 40 countries.

Real Estate in Cyprus

This European island has exhibited confidence across the real estate market reflecting positive developments in the economy as well as rising economic performance indicators for the last 33 months. Punching above expectations, real estate has attracted interest from confident foreign buyers, without affecting domestic homeownership–one of the highest in Europe. Foreign interest for real estate varies from owning a holiday home to acquiring a permanent residence, based on the individual’s need and lifestyle.

Sale of Real Estate is on the rise since 2019 with January figures showing a 10% increase compared to January 2018. The spike is a result of improved market conditions, the abolition of immovable property tax and naturalisation by investment schemes. The largest share of overseas property sales on the island belongs to non-EU nationals.

Benefits of investing in Cyprus

  • The expected time frame for examination of applications takes approximately 6 months.
  • Able to become a director or shareholder of a Cyprus based entity/business.
  • Free movement to more than 170 countries worldwide, making you a global citizen.
  • You will enjoy all the privileges of a Cypriot citizen, and their right to reside, work, do business, and study within Cyprus.
  • Applicant’s spouse and dependent children up to the age of 28 may qualify.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed in Cyprus and EU.
  • The parents of the applicant also qualify for citizenship if they buy a home for €500,000plus VAT.
  • Access to healthcare and education, especially useful when your children are considering University options.
  • To be considered a tax resident, you only have to reside in Cyprus for 60 days per year.
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