RE/MAX, LLC is a privately held company, based in Denver and led by its founders, Dave and Gail Liniger. The system is based on attracting productive agents and providing them with valuable support, incredible brand awareness, educational opportunities and other competitive advantages.

RE/MAX operates in 118 countries across world consisting of 8600+ Offices. That’s how we are able to offer unprecedented levels of customer service and provide access to real estate resources not available anywhere else.

RE/MAX India, the 73rd country in the global network of RE/MAX international network. RE/MAX has been a world wide success phenomenon in many countries. It has played a pioneering role in organizing the unorganized real estate market in various countries. With 220+ offices in over 60+ cities, it is the fastest growing real estate network in India.

SSPL is an organization established by a team of business and technical experts. SSPL boasts over a decade of decade of experience in Infrastructure Development and Realty industry. Together with RE/MAX, it aims to be the leading real estate solutions provider.